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In recent years, with the rapid development of China's national economy, the demand for aluminum strip and foil in aerospace, household appliances, decorative materials and beverage industry is increasing, which brings the rapid development of PS substrate, aluminum plastic strip, capacitor foil, canning material and other high-precision aluminum strip. These products require very strict flatness and cleanliness, and high-precision aluminum strips are usually rolled by oil cooling and lubrication. There are a lot of rolling oil and aluminum powder on the surface of the strips. Therefore, in order to obtain good surface quality, the surface residue must be cleaned out.
In order to improve the waveform, warpage, lateral bending and potential flatness defect of aluminum strip during cold working, stretching and bending straightening should be carried out. First, the surface of the strip must be cleaned.
Cleaning principle and theory of aluminum strip

Cleaning Principle Aluminum strip in cold rolling process, because the roller and the surface of aluminum plate friction and rolling, its surface will produce fine aluminum oxide powder shedding and adsorption, rolling oil and its associated suspension components will remain on the surface of aluminum plate, aluminum plate and strip composite, coating and other products processing adverse effects. However, due to the sharp bending deformation of the strip on the roll, part of the tension applied to the strip is transformed into the pressure of the strip on the tension roll, and finally the friction force is formed to drive the roll group.
Therefore, if the surface of the strip is not cleaned, the alumina powder will fall off when it is deformed, and X will be attached to the surface of the tension roll along with the oil stain, which will cause wear and tear on the surface of the roll and cause slight damage to the aluminum plate, so it must be cleaned by a special cleaning device. Cleaning is to use the pressure pump to pressurize the cleaning medium, non-contact spray cleaning or contact cleaning of the strip surface, so that the surface of the material aluminum powder oil dissolved off to the cleaning medium, and then extruded by the extrusion roller drying and high-pressure air blowing, or even high-temperature air drying, in order to obtain clean and dry aluminum strip. At the same time, by continuously supplementing the cleaning medium and using the online circulating filter system simultaneously, the cleaning medium can be kept adequate and clean, and the heat energy and the cleaning medium can be greatly saved. At present, the cleaning media commonly used in stretch-bending straighteners in aluminum processing industry are cleaning agents (or solvent oil), softening hot water, chemical solvents, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.
The distance between high-pressure water jet and high-pressure water jet is the direct injection of dense beams, which produces tremendous impact force. The jet flow is symmetrical in the center line of the nozzle, but diverges and distributes. The jet is generally divided into three segments. The original section, length expressed in L, is characterized by a constant axial dynamic pressure, and the dynamic pressure at the tip of the jet is the same as that at the nozzle exit. Another feature is that the texture is very dense and the particles are hardly compatible with the air, so this section is the strongest hit, mainly used to clean the hard dirt, the basic section, length expressed in Lz, this section of jet is characterized by air and water jet mixing, forming cavities and eddies, so the impact of this section is moderate, suitable for Cleaning of various equipment and materials.
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